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Journey Through Hong Kong Piano Music

Presently, there is a great variety of Hong Kong compositions ranging from Chinese instrumental music, contemporary ensemble to vocal works. Among the events held to showcase new works, piano solo compositions are rarely found in the concert program. 

This project aims to celebrate solo piano works written by composers either born or educated in Hong Kong. It also promotes collaboration between emerging composers and performers, encouraging pianists to explore Hong Kong compositions.

The compositions chosen for the projects are Hon Ki Cheung's 5 Sketches of Water, Pui Shan Cheung's Three Chinese Paintings, Bun Ching Lam's Six Phenomena, Julie Kuok's Birthday Dada, and a commission work by Kwan Leung Ling. The works will be presented in a recital in Spring 2024.

Performance at NCKP 2023

5 Sketches of Water by Hon Ki Cheung


I was introduced to my first Hong Kong piano composition "Birthday Dada" by my former teacher Julie Kuok during my pre-college years. The piece interweaves Chinese music elements into the original birthday tune. By utilizing palm and forearm clusters to join the fragments, it finishes with a complete birthday tune in an exuberant manner.

Current Stage

After selecting the repertoire for this project, I began to learn Hon Ki Cheung's 5 Sketches of Water and Bun Ching Lam's Six Phenomena. Both works are featured in a fundraising concert in March 2023.




Through the generous support from the audience members, we are able to raise $658 after deducting administrative expenses.

Going Forward

With the donations and grants received, I am set to receive the commission work in August 2023 from composer Kwan Leung Ling.

An interview was conducted by Fanny Po Sim Head following the recital.

May 10, 2023, Interlude HK 

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